BBC R&D Broadcast Wi-Fi Trial

BBC R&D are here at the SummerTyne festival conducting a public trial of Broadcast Wi-Fi technology (the “Trial”). Developed in collaboration with Global Invacom, a Broadcast Wi-Fi Trial app (the “Trial App”) aims to deliver content at events and big venues to large numbers of people by providing a ‘virtual giant screen’. By using custom Trial Wi-Fi systems, we are able to send content to mobile devices through the Trial App without using up the data allowance from your mobile provider.

We want to see how well the Broadcast Wi-Fi technology works in a real-world environment, across different devices, and to get feedback from the public. The Trial App will offer two streams of exciting SummerTyne content, provided by The Sage, for you to enjoy. You can watch exclusive footage from SummerTyne Secret Garden Sessions 2011, as well as a backstage podcast created specially for the Trial and the festival. The App (including all content offered within) is only for your personal use as part of the Trial.

To take part in the Trial you will need to install the Trial App, which is published by Global Invacom, as explained below. By downloading and using the Trial App you will be agreeing to Global Invacom’s terms of use privacy policy as set out on the opening screen of the Trial App. Be aware that your data may be processed by Global Invacom and by any website visited by you through the Trial Wi-Fi network, under separate terms and policies. The Trial App will only work on the Trial Wi-Fi network (called "nomorebufferface") during the SummerTyne Festival at The Sage, Gateshead, where the Trial is taking place.

The Trial will involve collection of data by the BBC about your use of the Trial App and the performance of your device, which will be shared with third parties. Please read the BBC Bx-WiFi Trial Privacy Notice which provides information about the processing of your data by the BBC. By participating in the Trial, you also agree to the BBC Bx-WiFi Trial Terms of Use. Relevant BBC safety information can be found here.

Here’s how you can take part:

Bx-WiFi Bx-WiFi

The Trial App (including all content offered within) is only for your personal, non-business use as part of the Trial. Copying, distribution and commercial use of the Trial App or any content made available within are NOT permitted.

Please note that the broadcast Wi-Fi technology being used is experimental and may not meet the usual BBC technical standards. Please remove the Trial App from your mobile device after the end of the Trial.

The App and the content within it are © copyright BBC and/or its third party partners 2019. All rights reserved.